Supply Side Reading 7-3-11

The Supply Side has provided some very helpful links. Follow that blog for great coverage.

Weekend round up: Tamny and Woodhill on Greece; Kudlow on the market rally; Lewis says stable money requires gold.

On RCM, John Tamny argues the bailout of Greek debt will damage its ability to recover.
At Forbes, Louis Woodhill compares the Greek austerity mess to Hungary’s successful tax cut, strong currency strategy.

From NRO, Larry Kudlow analyzes last week’s stock market rally.

On The Kudlow Report, Kudlow discusses the economy’s new optimism:

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis explains that truly stable money requires a fix to gold.

On National Review, Deroy Murdock confirms that America’s Founders opposed floating currency.
Dow Jones reports gold becoming a hot political issue.

At Forbes, John Tamny notes oil’s price is far more related to the dollar’s value than its supply.

Also on The Kudlow Report, a panel discusses the small business economy:

IBD critiques the progressive desire for a Keynesian Laffer Curve based on increased spending to generate jobs and growth.

Market Watch’s Howard Gold suggests the economic frameworks of Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes have proved ineffective in the current malaise.

The Economist pressures Republicans to raise taxes.


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