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George Will, Commissar Barry, and Unicorns

George Will recently opened up his weekly column with this:

Barack Obama, the first president shaped by the celebratory culture in which every child who plays soccer gets a trophy and the first whose campaign speeches were his qualification for the office, perhaps should not be blamed for thinking that saying things is tantamount to accomplishing things, and that good intentions are good deeds. So, his presidency is useful after all, because it illustrates the perils of government run by believers in magic words and numbers.

This opening got me to thinking about Commissar Barry and his magic unicorns.

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Barack Hussein Kardashian Bowing, Again?

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I saw this on facebook and had to share it. I find it hilarious, and disturbing, yet totally true.

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In case you need reminding

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Obama: “I deserve a second term”

Ha ha ha ha ha. Ok. This is me patting Hussein Obama on the head and saying “Little guy, we’ve had enough of you. Now, go back out to your sandbox and build us a nice sand castle”.

Anybody else in 2012!!

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The RNC is out today with a tremendous video called Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record. This is tremendous. Send some money to the RNC for this ad.

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Obama’s Failures Continue

From The Hill today via email, by Erik Wasson:

President Obama will release his 2013 budget one week late, an administration official said Monday.

Under the law, the budget is to be released on the first Monday in February, but the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will be releasing the 2013 budget on Feb. 13.

The Obama administration also delayed the release of the budget last year, waiting until Feb. 14.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said the delay is symptomatic of a fiscally reckless administration.

“I am deeply disappointed in this President’s abdication of leadership when it comes to prioritizing Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars. The decision to delay the release of his budget again could not come at a more precarious moment for our fiscal and economic future,” Ryan said.

Score another one for Paul Ryan.

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