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>Cap and Trade Tax Passage Makes Green Conservatism a Top Priority


The Cap and Trade Tax that passed is the House on Friday night is a good example of why I am a believer in Green Conservatism, a concept termed by Speaker Newt Gingrich in 2007.

My even more basic premise than Newt’s (found here with a complete explanation of Green Conservatism) is that these bills advance in the House, to the Senate, because the Left is the only side speaking in the debate. I don’t believe in Global Warming, the science is faulty and let’s be honest, who can really measure such a thing? When you have a horrible plan, brought forth by the Left, and you have Lefty A and Lefty B debating its passage and talking to the American people about its merits, there is nothing the Right can do except stand off to the side and yell “No”. Game over, we lose.

We lost Friday.

So, I’ve been hearing now, for over two years, since Speaker Gingrich first introduced Green Conservatism, that Newt is a sellout, that he’s been co-opted by the Left and that he’s not really a conservative. This is all garbage.

Have you read about Green Conservatism? Does it sound like repackaged left-wing propaganda? If you answered yes, I would disagree with you and encourage you to look again. And if you think it is, then I would further encourage you to create alternatives to the Leftist propaganda and let’s have the debate shift from Lefty A and Lefty B to Left vs. Right. If we don’t do this as a movement, we will see more and more Cap and Trade Tax bills, and we’ll think that the version that passed Friday was pretty moderate.

Two great conservative, movement leaders from that last century thought this was an important issue to America:

“The movement for the conservation of wild life and the larger movement for the conservation of all our natural resources are essentially democratic in spirit, purpose and method.” – President Theodore Roosevelt

“There is an absolute necessity of waging all-out war against the debauching of the environment.” – Governor Ronald Reagan, First Earth Day, 1970

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