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The Texas Economy

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs has launched a great website for all the world to see.

From the website:

The Texas Economy strives to provide you with the latest news, trends and analysis on issues affecting the state’s economy. Our mission is to present hard-hitting data, information and insights on a wide variety of topics of concern to Texas policymakers, businesses and taxpayers.

Take a look, tour the site and see what intrigues you. Every state, city and municipality should be finding ways to be much more transparent and open about their governing processes.  These locales should also be open to feedback and ideas from the public.  Take Houston for example: a city with 2 million people and with 5 million people in the surrounding area.  The city of Houston now elects 17 members to the city council, which includes the mayor.  I doubt these 17 people have all the answers for 2 to 5 million people.  Opening the doors and shining a light on the business of government will help is spend less and get more.


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