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Jack Kemp Remembered in Ben Jealous Op-Ed

Ben Jealous has written a piece for the Baltimore Sun about leadership in the wake of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. While we may not agree with all of Mr. Jealous’ points, his sentiments toward and remembrance of Jack Kemp is quite good:

My advice to Speaker Boehner would be to channel the voice of our mutual hero, the late former Republican Congressman Jack Kemp. Twelve years ago I was at an event in South Central Los Angeles for the 10th anniversary of the Rodney King verdict. I was waiting on the wings of the stage to speak after Jack, as I knew him. Jack was outraged about the state of affairs in the neighborhood’s schools, which had not seen major strides since the early 1990s. He kept pointing at the school down the street and saying, “Our children, our children, our children” — his point being that they are all our children, because they are all America’s children.

Jack Kemp recognized in that moment that we are all one American family, and he challenged us to act as one.

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