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Governor John Kasich Draws Jack Kemp Comparison

Governor John Kasich is making interesting moves as he considers a run for President in 2016. The New York Times ran an interesting profile of Governor Kasich yesterday, and the profile included this interesting comment by Newt Gingrich:

“John Kasich is in some ways the most intuitively innovative person in the Republican Party since Jack Kemp,” said Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, who served with Mr. Kasich in the congressional leadership in the 1990s, referring to the party’s 1996 vice-presidential nominee. “He is very conservative, but he is very unorthodox. So if he does run, it will be interesting to watch him.”


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Governor John Kasich Gets Kempian

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about the work Governor John Kasich is doing in Ohio. This is how the article concludes:

Driving back to Ohio last month from a Cape Cod vacation with his family, Mr. Kasich stopped to eat in Buffalo, N.Y. He asked a few people at random if they had ever met Jack Kemp, the late Buffalo Bills quarterback who became a congressman and 1996 vice-presidential nominee.

Mr. Kemp, who once described himself as a “bleeding-heart conservative,” built a reputation as a Republican who focused on urban minorities and the poor.

“It was Jack, over and over again, who talked about lifting people, about hopes and dreams,” Mr. Kasich said. “Jack had a profound impact on the conservative moment. Maybe I have a chance to do that, too.”

Now that you’ve seen the end of the article, go back and read the entire article.

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