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Upcoming Weekly Standard Cover Story

This morning we see the cover of the upcoming issue of The Weekly Standard. The story, The Kemp Era, by Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, is a brief offering of some of the content of their recent book about Jack Kemp.

Weekly Standard cover Jack Kemp

The Kemp Era

When Republicans became the party of growth and tax cuts

Excerpt from article:

Indeed, a dramatic beginning had been made. Kemp had gone from being a newcomer to a driving force in the party. He was building a national reputation. He hadn’t achieved his goals, but he was advancing a revolutionary bill. The question now was whether he or another candidate would carry his radical ideas forward into the highest office in the country.

‘Jack should run for president. The future of Western civilization depends on it!” Jude Wanniski, ever volatile and Kemp’s biggest supporter, voiced this opinion at a gathering of Kemp supporters as the 1980 primaries approached. He was hyperbolic, but not alone in his conviction. In 1978, Irving Kristol told journalist Martin Tolchin that Republicans didn’t want another Ford-Reagan race and were ready to move on to a new generation, with Kemp “the best able to communicate with the American people.” Former CBS president Frank Shakespeare, ex-Reagan policy adviser Jeff Bell, and former ambassador Larry Silberman began commissioning polls and plotting strategy. Ronald Reagan was considered the top contender for the nomination, but the supply-siders weren’t convinced he could be trusted. He certainly wouldn’t be more faithful to the cause than Jack Kemp.

Kemp had been the Republican star of 1978, and he spent 1979 tirelessly evangelizing for his tax-cut plan. But he gave his presidential boosters no serious encouragement. He wanted to support Reagan for president. The only question was whether Kemp-Roth rate cuts would be the centerpiece of Reagan’s campaign. If Reagan committed, Kemp would be on board. In the meantime, he kept his options open, worrying Reagan’s people that he might run for the nomination and at least cut into Reagan’s support.

Read the entire article here.

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Ben Sasse Continues to Remind of Jack Kemp

The Weekly Standard has a very interesting piece by Mark Hemingway where he is tracking US Senate candidate Ben Sasse across Nebraska. We posted about Ben Sasse before, so Jack Kemp fans are very familiar with the next US Senator from Nebraska. This paragraph below from The Weekly Standard is classic Kemp, and now, Sasse.

“Hi, I’m Ben Sasse, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. .  .  . Hi, I’m Ben Sasse, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. .  .  . Hi, I’m .  .  .” Not even the occasional snarky comment from a Democrat throws him off his game. “Hey, I want your vote, too!” he shoots back. In his acceptance speech after his primary victory, Sasse quoted Jack Kemp: “We may not get every vote. But we’ll speak to every heart, and we will seek to represent the entire American family.” He greets voters as if he believes this. At least one of his staffers quips that he’s a cross between Jack Kemp and an aggressive panhandler. In any event, the sun is setting on the plains, you can hear the collective hopes and dreams of a small town after every dropped screen pass, and out in front of the stadium there’s a guy shaking hands who’s probably going to be the next Nebraska senator because the other guys didn’t work nearly as hard at listening to their concerns. When the high school band strikes up “Don’t Stop Believin’,” it’s enough to make Norman Rockwell cringe.

Good stuff.

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